3 Quick Ways to Think About the Value of Social Media (in this case Facebook)

I teach beginning Facebook classes to small businesses. I also co-teach intermediate and advanced Facebook classes. What I find so intriguing during these classes is where the ‘ah-ha’ moments start happening. More often than not, it’s when the class talks about the cost of traditional advertising – including print and purchased online ads – versus the cost of free social media marketing. I love seeing the light bulb click on. LOVE it.

This week, one of the online social media resources I follow had a great article with 3 simple tips for using Facebook Timeline in business marketing. I’ve posted the link below.

In addition, here are 3 more social media thoughts that I always offer to my clients  … in this article I’m only focusing on Facebook. (I’ll talk about other social media outlets in future posts.)

  1. Facebook is FREE. It would cost you a fortune to pay for the same type of exposure via print advertising and purchased online ads.
  2. When you have a Facebook business page, other Facebook users who are ‘fans’ of yours will help share your posts about your upcoming events, your daily lunch special, seasonal sales, etc.
  3. Facebook marketing is extremely exponential … as a quick example: If you have 50 ‘fans’ for your business Facebook page, those 50 fans also have fans & friends that they can potentially share your content with. Let’s say each of them has at least 100 fans and/or friends. If you post interesting, relevant content every single day (or even just 3 times a week!) and it’s good enough to be shared by your fans … well, you can do the math on what kind of potential marketing exposure you might have.

As I mentioned above, here is a short article from a terrific resource: Social Media Examiner. Take a look at the 3 tips and think about how you can use them in YOUR business.

Not sure if social media marketing is for you? Not sure if you can find the time to use it effectively? I’d be happy to talk to you about how I use it for myself and my clients, how my clients are using it on their own, and what kind of results you can get (almost immediately!).

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