Why Pinterest?

I’m reading a great book – recommended by a marketing friend of mine – about using Pinterest for business marketing. Pinfluence, by Beth Hayden.

I’ll be honest. The idea of having an online bulletin board with pretty pictures and recipes was absolutely not on my radar. I spend enough time in front of a computer every day … sitting at my desk for more hours looking at ‘stuff’ just didn’t sound like much fun to me.

However, this Pinfluence book I’m reading had me intrigued from the first introductory sentence and I am highlighting like mad as I read. I. Had. No. Idea.

pinterest-iconPinterest is a terrific way to engage your clients and customers through imagery. It’s very cool.  I’m looking at other sources for tips on Pinterest because I’m sure there has been a lot written. Today, I found a really good piece from Social Media Examiner titled 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business. Tip #10 has a nifty infographic … check it out.

Will I spend a lot of time on my Writeology Pinterest account? Probably not – but enough to know what I’m doing. Will I spend time helping my clients use Pinterest if it makes sense for their business? Absolutely. (I’ll have to get better at it first … I have some homework to do!)

Should YOU be using Pinterest as part of your social media strategy? That’s up to you. But don’t discount it until you learn more about it.

Again I say: I. Had. No. Idea.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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