Travel. Work. Travel. Work. Fun…!!

One of the reasons (and there are many!) why I truly love being my OWN BOSS is that having a flexible work schedule is so important to me. Like everybody else I know, I have a very busy life. Having flexibility means I can carve out time for everything I want to do in a day, a week, a month; the best part is I can work when I want, from wherever I want.

Take the past 10 days for instance. I took a fun vacation but I also was able to work when I needed to (or wanted to!). And the boss was FINE with it, because I asked nicely and promised to do some work.

Which I did.

With my notebook and my Mobile Hotspot I was able to:

  • Work on projects for my Writeology clients
  • Manage my Rodan + Fields skincare business including doing some prospecting for new business partners and picking up some new product customers.

Which lead to:

  • Some really great dinners
  • Meeting up with old friends and making new ones
  • Creating business even while I was, um, uh, playing.

Travel. Work. Fun. It’s all rolled into one for me. Can’t get much better than that!



Do as I say … Not as I do.

Well hello there- it’s been a while since you and I have visited with each other. One year and 6 days, to be exact.

While I’m good at giving advice to my clients, I’ve obviously let the ball drop here. Between aging parents (and the very sad loss of a great one), traveling for work, and a new exciting side-gig … I’m not taking my ‘If you’re going to have a blog, remember to post often’ advice very well, eh?

Tomorrow is a new day – I’m refreshed and excited about writing again – and I’m getting back into sync with my keyboard.

It was just a little break. Okay. It was a big break.

But I have lots of things to say after all that’s happened since my last post on June, um, 4th, of, uh, 2013! LOTS of THINGS!

A couple days to get my mojo back is all I need. I’m pretty darned excited … and so is my keyboard!

SEO – it’s what makes me happy!

Love La ConnerThis week I had a really great conversation with web developer Pam Nilzon of Nilzon Designs. We spent some time at a local coffee shop chatting about what we love about what we do.

And I was reminded once again that I really do love what I do.

I love writing. I love writing online content even more. I love SEO. I love writing SEO content the most.


Because there is such awesome satisfaction in writing content that has measurable value! I know that I’ve done a good job for a client when they start on page 4 of a Google search, and over the course of several months (yes, it takes time … it’s not an overnight ‘ta-da’ moment), they start moving up in rank. Maybe it’s just up one page at first. Then another.

The fun comes when I check on their website one day and see that, yep, ‘ta-da’, there they are on page 1! And if I’m lucky (I swear there’s always a bit of luck involved in everything technological), they’re at the top of page 1.

As an example, one of my clients is the La Conner (WA) Chamber of Commerce. As business partners, the Chamber, Skagit Marketing and Writeology have worked extremely hard to enhance the Chamber website’s SEO. And it’s working. Not only working … it’s REALLY working! We did our research, we used a few key phrases that we knew were hot, we worked them into our very strategic content plan and we’ve been able to measure our success over the course of the past year.

According to the data supplied by Skagit Marketing:
2011 versus 2012
Visits:  82,290 increased to 102,830
Pageviews:  222,670 increased to 323,793

Visits Increase:  25%
Pageviews Increase:  45%

Using the key phrase ‘Getaway Weekend Washington State’, we’ve jumped from somewhere in the page 3-4 ranking, to the TOP of page 1. Sure it took several months of work, but we’re there, and we’re making sure we stay there for as long as Skagit Valley tulips bloom in April.

I love what I do. I really love what I do. Especially when I know it works.

Why My Hat is Off Today

Every client I have comes from a completely different background, culture, and industry. They all have a very different way of talking within their industry and their business … and about their product. Each one has a different “voice.”

My job is to capture that voice for them (both online and in print marketing), and then give their voice a life that will build long-standing, strong relationships and engagement with their customers and clients. I love getting to know their voice.

My hat is off because … 

I have an enormous amount of respect for each one of my clients. They are smart, they are funny, they work extremely hard, and they are passionate about what they do for a living (and what they do for fun).

They make me smile and they make me so proud that I’m allowed to work with them.

So today, my hat is off to my clients:

  • The art galleries
  • The non-profit women’s organization
  • The organic food creator
  • The small manufacturing companies
  • The Dentist
  • The tourism/commerce-based organization
  • The real estate companies
  • The organic produce farm
  • The artist
  • The Bed & Breakfast Inns
  • The restaurants and the coffee stand
  • The home decor and gift shop
  • The specialty food store

They are awesome. They are the reason I love what I do.